Monday, November 24, 2008

Frosted Snowflake

Found this soap on Etsy and I like the name and then the description of plum and sweet oranges sounds really yummy. South Pacific Body Shop has some really fun things go check them out.

Sorry I haven't been around. Busy weekend and now two sick boys.

*I am thankful that I took them to the Dr. and that they will be on the road to recovery by Thanksgiving.

*I am sad that I have no days this week to do the things I need to do for Thursday without at least one of the boys around. ( I love them but really is one day asking too much)

* I am Thankful Thanksgiving is not at my house this year.

* I am thankful for the rain we need it so badly.

* I am thankful for my family

* I am thankful ...... just thankful


Lorie said...

That looks yummy! Even though it is soap. I am sure my daughter would want to eat it.

I hope the boys feel better soon!!

also known as shell said...

I'm thankful too. I love that you find such great things from etsy. I need to spend more time on that site :)