Friday, February 13, 2009

Running again

When I was in college I ran 3-5 miles almost everyday. I loved running. I am not really sure what it was that I loved so much. Now I am desperately trying to remember, because I am running once again. I have set a goal to run in the Cooper River Bridge Run on April 4th. My sister is running it and I want to run it with her.

My neighbor is my coach and I don't think I could do it without her. How in the heck did I get myself up at 5:30 am when I was in college in Idaho where it is below zero most of the time and go run (admitedly I ran in the field house where it was warm, but still I had to get to the field house in the cold).

I should confess it is more of a walk/run righ now, but I think there was more running than walking this week(please don't tell me if that is not true just let me believe it!).

Am I crazy to take up running again at 42? Will I fall in love with it again? I really kind of hope that I do. Yep I'm crazy but then those of you who know me already knew that!