Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When life makes you slow down

I have been forced to slow down this Christmas season. A little over two weeks ago I went to the doctor and he said I had Bronchitis and a sinus infection and started me on some meds. Two nights later I woke up because my neck hurt and I thought I had slept on wrong, after several days of pain I went to the urgent care and they diagnose me with Shingles (the chicken pox virus). It has attacked a nerve at the base of my skull on the left side this is also a trigger point nerve and is causing me lots of pain. It has also totally wiped me out! I can only do a few things and then I am done for the day.

It seems we are always saying "remember the reason for the season" but do we really do that?

As I have had more time this year to ponder and think about the birth of my Savior, I have prayed that the spirit of the Lord will be with us and in our home even if our home does not have all of the usual holiday decor, because it truly does not matter if our home is decorated or not. What matters are the things our family can do to share our love of the Savior with others. To know what we can do to serve those around us and then to act upon those things.

My wish to each of you is that you know that I love The Lord our Savior with all my heart. I hope that my actions each day show how much I love him and want to serve those around me. I am thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who sent his son, that I might live again with him. I am thankful for Mary and Joseph for their courage and faith. I am thankful for a loving family who loves me even when I make mistakes.

May God bless you in all you do, May you to know the love of our Father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ.

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Haunani said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Shingles?? Really?? Thanks for the lovely Christmas message, though. Things happen for a reason and if the reason you've been forced to slow down is so that you can remember the Savior and remind all of us, then that makes it worth it (I know, that's easy for me to say because I DON'T have shingles.) Take care, get lots of rest...let those boys take care of you. And have the merriest Christmas!! Love you tons!!