Monday, January 12, 2009

Six words

Me and Deb in November at her graduation

David with all the Nephews

So I saw a writing prompt here she had gotten it from here.

"Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you? "

Well you know me I could not just ask one person I asked three. My brother and two of my sisters. Here is what they had to say

This is the order I received them in and the order they wrote them in.
So lets see how well they know me.

Loving: I really do try to love all those around me. I have found that I am much happier when I can love each person for who they are and not who I think they should be or want them to be.

Creative: Well two of you wrote that I am creative and I guess I am in some ways. I think I am just a really good copier.

Intelligent: Well of all my brothers and sisters I think I am low man on the totem pole in academic education. However when it comes to everyday life I think I do OK.

Talented: I am not sure what area you are referring to there are so many.... Just kidding. I love to learn new things so I am always trying new things. I think I am truly a Jack of all trades master of none kind of person.

Beautiful: Thank you
Thoughtful: Again two of you choose this word. I really do try to think about others and how they are feeling. I don't know how successful I am but I try.

Nurturing: Not to sure how well I do at this. My kids would tell you I run for the hills when they are sick.

Creative: see above

Considerate: I think this goes with being thoughtful. I want others to be happy and if they are not I don't want it to because of me.

Accepting: I do try to be accepting to all those I meet. I know that you never know what someone has gone through, or is going through. I try to live by the old saying " Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes"

Involved: Yes you hit the nail on the head with this one! I try to be as involved as I can at the school. I volunteer in the class room , Media center, PTA and help out with the copy program at the elementary school. At the Middle school, I am the band booster President, help in the media center, and help with the knitting and crochet club. I am the Cub Committee chair person for our Cub Scout Pack, I help at church with visiting our sisters, our service group and what ever else I am asked to do. I also try and do as much service in the community as I can. I really love to help others.

Expressive: Well I guess this depends on who I am talking to and what I am talking about. I tend to keep things inside of me. Very few people know all there is to know about me or even most of what there is to know about me.


Caring: I do care about a lot of people and a lot of things. I think that is one reason I am as involved as I am with church, school, and community.

Wise: well that is still out for debate ;)

Understanding: I try to be but sometimes it is really hard.

Fun: I think I am more myself when I am with family and tend to cut loose a little more. Family may think I am more fun than some of my friends.

Stubborn: Why YES I AM when I think I am right. I do try to listen to all sides of what ever is going on. I WILL change my mind. I don't tend to speak up about things unless they really mean something to me. Most of the time if things are being decided I won't say anything unless I have strong feelings on the matter. I often let others make the decisions because in the long run it really does not matter to me. So if you are ever with me and I am really trying to get you to change your mind or I have spoken up about something you know it really matters to me anyway.

Thoughtful: again see above.

I think for the most part they get me. Seeing as I am 10 1/2 , 13 and 15 years older then they are and for the most part did not live at home while they were growing up. I love you all thanks for sharing with me.

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Six words, huh? I shudder to think what those words would be for me?
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