Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why can't I

Why can't I find the things I have lost? I have read more blogs in the past week about people finding things that they have lost than I can stand.

***Wedding ring It was in my bathroom drawer and had been for well over a year ( I gained to much weight and could not wear it
:( . Then one day it was gone just gone it has been over two years now . I still have hope it will show up.

**Car keys Came home the other day and then could not find them. Have had the car towed and the new keys made. In case you didn't know you can't just have a key made they have to reprogram a new key so if I do find my keys my old key will not work.I still want to find the key ring it had other keys that I need.

* pair of jean Seriously I put them in the wash and now they are gone! How do you lose a pair of jeans in the washing machine?!

So all you people out there who have found wedding rings, earrings, wii games etc.... tell me how I really want to know.

I know what you are thinking if I find the jeans the wedding ring and keys will be in the pocket... Not going to happen I lost the ring first then the jean and the keys last. Thanks for the thought anyway.


CTR2002 said...

mmm... prayer? :)

And my house got a super deep clean from one end to the next.

But mostly it was prayer. :)

Jessie said...

Good luck with your mystery findings!!!

WillowLakeScents said...

Visiting from SITS ~ hope ya find your things !

Heather said...

I'm glad we aren't the only people to have things mysteriously disappear on them. We currently are missing a Longaberger lid, a hat, a pair of PJ pants and a cell phone with a dead battery.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!