Friday, March 6, 2009

What I have been doing

Laundry( you would think we had 8 people living in our house not 4)
Not blogging
going to church
volunteering at the elementary school
volunteering at the middle school
Not blogging
not blogging
cleaning the house
taking kids to where they need to be
not blogging
Planning a Pinewood Derby
Planning a Blue and Gold Banquet/end of the year cub party
reading a few blogs (I have not even done much of that)
commenting on blogs that I read
not blogging
putting together a Bingo Basket for Justin's class
started a new hobby (that I want to blog about)
not blogging
not blogging
not blogging

I hope to be back to blogging more often soon very soon.


Leslie said...

Busy, busy! Who has time to blog?! :)

Julie said...

I need to do more not blogging :)

Pam said...

Visiting via SITS. Wow! You ARE busy. I got tired just reading your list. But, I know how you feel. I have days and weeks like that as well. I usually end up crashing and taking a day off. Good luck with the new hobby!

Joy said...

Looks like you have some major good excuses for not blogging!

Joy <--via Welcomistas :o)