Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've been tagged and a Contest

Go over to Knit Witch and enter her Ghost Story contest.

I got tagged by Shellie

Seven random things about Amanda

1 My sister and I have the same birthday but we are not twins we are 13 years apart
( I' m older)
2 I was the majorette in a parade at school when I was in second grade and was on the local news
3 I wanted to work for the FBI when I was growing up
4 I have had nine surgeries
5 I have two fake teeth because I did not have permanent teeth under my baby teeth
6 I can watch TV and read at the same time
7 I collect rabbits (because my grandmother called me bunny)
I tag Dawnelle, Kendra, Jane, Andrea and anyone else who wants to play along
Thanks Shellie


also known as shell said...

did you get your two fake teeth for christmas?

Amanda said...

No I got them as a gift my senior year in HS!