Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I drove to SC for my mom's birthday on the spur of the moment. Her Birthday was Wednesday and late Tuesday afternoon. I was trying to make it work. I had to make sure the boys got to and from school and rearranged Justin's baseball lesson. It all worked and my mom was totally surprised.

I called her while I was still in Atlanta little did she know I was on 285 driving toward her :) A friend was taking her to lunch which was perfect. I wasn't sure if she would be home when I got to the house so I planned to call. If she wasn't home I was going to park in back so she would not see my car. As it turned out she was home. I called her when I got off the highway and she was telling me all about her lunch. When I turned into her driveway I really thought the dogs would start to bark but they didn't. I actually got all the way down the drive (which is quite long) parked so she would not see my car and walked up to the door and rang the bell all while talking to her and still the dogs did not bark until I rang the bell!! She told me to hold on the "mailman must be at the door" I wish someone could have recorded her reaction when she realized it was me. Best birthday present I ever came up with!

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