Monday, December 1, 2008


Dear Archie,

We really enjoyed your visit last year and are looking forward to your visit this year.We hope you will find our home comfortable while you are here. I would like to ask you to remember a few things. First the flour is for baking not making "snow angels" though I have to admit it was really great to see how much fun you had. Second please be very careful we were really worried about you last year with the dental floss incident. We thought we were going to have to rush you to the ER when we saw you hanging from the stockings. Not to be a "fussy" mom about everything I also wanted to compliment you on how sweet you were with the other Christmas visitors. You made them feel welcome in our home and I really appreciate all that you did.

The boys will be leaving crackers and water to invite you in very soon. We hope you have a safe trip! See you soon.
Your adopted family

PS if you see Drew bring in Godiva Key Lime truffles let me know and I will share a bite with you!


also known as shell said...

Archie, if Drew brings home any key lime truffels would you mind either giving me a call or contacting me on facebook?


nikkicrumpet said...

The elf snow angel was genius...very cute post!