Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a really wonderful Christmas. I am so thankful that we live so close to family and are able to spend time with them.

This was Justin's big gift. He has been wanting an acoustic guitar for a while now. He picked this one out months ago. Several weeks before Christmas we were at his guitar lesson and I saw a "package" deal with a guitar and a amp to go with it. It was cheaper than this one that did not come with an amp. I showed him the other one and told him that it came with an amp and it was what we could afford. He totally thought that was what he was going to get. It was awesome to see his face when he got the one he wanted. ( plus he can use the amp he already had for his electric guitar!)
Both the boys wanted latch hook rugs so we got them. I don't think they realized what they were but I think they both will have fun doing them.

Opening stocking stuff

What a great smile!!

Not sure what he had gotten here but this was the same expression but better when he opened his "Big" gift an I-pod touch.
Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.

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