Thursday, December 18, 2008

More adventures of Archie and JT

Archie and JT are missing the NP and the snow

JT and Archie built a fort in the family room with all the cushions
They had a little snack and shared the rest with the boys

Archie and JT had a lot of fun TPing the down stairs

The boys took down all the TP but it got left in the the middle of the family room floor. JT and Archie did not want to cause anymore mischief until it got cleaned up so they just played in it. They made quiet a mess and got a little tangled up.

The boys have been asking for trees to put in their rooms so Archie and JT got them each one after working hard to clean their rooms and get rid of the things they don't want any more. Thanks for working so hard boys!

Archie and JT had a little fun with some crape paper. They started in the family room and went all around the down stairs, up stairs and ended in the guest room with the end of the roll wrapped around them.

JT and Archie went a little crazy with post it notes. They made picture on the walls and in each picture there was a riddle.

This on was on the frount door both the boys thought that Archie and JT had left when they came down stairs.

Watching Christmas movies and eating popcorn in the family room. I keep telling them they are not to eat any where but the kitchen but they listen about as well as the kids do!


Natalie said...

those are some busy little guys! i'm glad they aren't at my house teaching my kids some of those tricks!!!

Jerrie said...

I think I love Archie and JT! I think my guy it a little old, but I am filing that away in my 'grandma' basket! (oh yes I have one!)...

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by!

Lori said...

Sooo... cute! :)

Elaine said...

So funny...Can't believe you let those elves come back....