Monday, December 29, 2008

The Last adventures of Archie and JT

The boys woke up one morning with wrapping paper across their doors. I think Archie and JT should have covered the whole door both boys crawled out under the paper.

We can tell that JT only got to chapter 5 because we have had a lot more TPing this year!

JT and Archie decided they were going to document what they do at night so they got my camera and took lots of photos. I have left out quite a few. They got into Drew's car but we could not tell if they had gone anywhere or not. They also got into the cookies but I left those photos out. They took a photo of each of them doing what ever it was they were doing at the time. I have only included one photo of each activity in most cases. ;p

The boys had to search a little to find Archie and JT. The coco and Krispy Kreams made the searching worth it!
On the night of the 23rd Archie and JT wanted it to look like it has snowed so they TPed the family room. They also hung snowflakes from the fan and in the doorway to the living room. The snowflakes are really pretty and we would have left them on the fan but it got "accidentally" turned on and they flew off....

I know I have had lots of fun having Archie and JT around. I am sad that they had to go home with Santa when he stopped by but I know they will come again next year. I look forward to the mischief they will get into. I am sure they will keep me hopping like they did this year.


The Blonde Duck said...

That is one busy elf! Saw you on SITS!

nikkicrumpet said...

That is so funny. Although I hope they use the CHEAP toilet paper. Otherwise their mischief could get expensive! I bet the kids just love seeing what surprises the elves bring each morning. I know I would!

Lori said...

I ♥ JT and Archie :)